About Us

Here at Paint and Jrink, we are dedicated to creating a life changing experience through art. Art has a way of piercing through the most inner creative spot of a person. Paint and Jrink's mission is to help enhance that capability in individuals while nurturing their inner being. Our service to our

 community is to provide excellent service and provide a space to captivate our guest's individuality. A mission to focus on the success of our nation. A mission to teach the fundamentals through art. A mission to play our part in the development in this great nation.

Our staff is trained to offer exceptional service all individuals from all walks of life. We are trained to extend courtesy, hospitality and a helping hand to all individuals entering the doors of Paint and Jrink at all locations. We've created formula that ensures our guest leave with the "The Golden Appeal". The Golden Appeal was developed to ensure that each and every guest is golden to us. Our guests are the backbone to our success.

With so many art studio across the nation, Paint and Jrink stands out for it's ability to have fun! We focus more on the celebration by using high energy, free-spirited style of art classes. Letting our guest set the tone and creative space needed to ensure a fun environment. Our guest come to us to celebrate milestones in their lives.

We declared to ensure a place where our guest can express their freedom and personality on canvas. Customer service is the foundation of our business. We vow to serve our guest with respect and honor no matter their race, religion, background or political views.